Commemorating fallen soldiers

This past Memorial Day, I was invited to write and read an original poem commemorating the fallen soldiers of Elgin. This year marked the 75th anniversary of D-Day. To create this poem, I watched video interviews of WWII soldiers. This allowed me to get a sense of what it felt like for the men who fought on that day. I also did some basic research about D-Day.

The commemoration was organized by the city of Elgin and Elgin’s Patriotic Memorial Association. It was held at the Bluff City Cemetery. Before the event, I visited the cemetery a couple of times to get a feel for the location. I gathered names of soldiers from tombstones and incorporated them in the poem.

It was an honor to a part of the artistic expression of the event’s festivities.


Poetry Readings

                One of my favorite aspects of being a poet is public readings. They can be nerve wrecking to prepare for, but the joy of seeing an audience interacting with my work makes all of the toil of writing in the darkroom a worthwhile experience. Check out a few video clips of me reading poems back in 2018 with the Teen Writers and Artists Project (or TWAAP).

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