Benefits of Coloring

Did you know there are at least 10 benefits of your children coloring? Here are those 10 reasons according to Color Psychology.org.

1. Improves motor skills

2. Prepares kids for school

3. Stimulates creativity

4. Contributes to better handwriting

5. Improves color awareness, recognition and discernment

6. Improves focus and and to eye coordination

7. Helps instill boundaries, structure and spacial awareness

8. Improves confidence and self esteem

9. Allows self-expression

10. Calming and therapeutic

My latest book, How to Create a World, has ample pages where kids can color and experience those benefits. The book also has doodling pages. If you are looking for a simple way to keep your child engaged academically for the reminder of the summer, you definitely want to order my book. Kids can color, doodle and write poems all in one book. Order your copy today.